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We + you = the perfect flow

We are Novatecies at heart. Our mission is to be passionate about making the world a little more digital, innovative and better every day.

Sustainable. Agile. Dedicated.

Show us who you are! We are looking for real characters, visionaries and out-of-the-box thinkers with an agile mindset. As long as you are who you are, without compromise.

Do you want to work on projects that deliver real added value? Then welcome to Novatec!


You are established in your career and know where you want to go. For us, your career is not a path but our joint track. You want to know what you can achieve with us.

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Young professionals

Your have finished your degree and now you want to kickstart your career? Or you currently don't have an IT background but want to get started in IT? Let's do it together!

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Build the path to your future career! Design your career the way it suits you, not the way others tell you to. Here you will find individuality from your thesis to the working student job.

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Why Novatec?

Workation or Sabbatical?

We love our job, but even we get the wanderlust sometimes. How about a one month workation on Tenerife? Or would you prefer the 6 month round trip in Southeast Asia to completely switch off? It's up to you!

True flexibility

We do not have core working hours and 30 days of vacation are a matter of fact for us. When and where you work is always up to you. Whether full-time or part-time, your working time model must suit you.

Always mobile

Our mobility model gives you the freedom to choose. Would you prefer a company car or a public transport ticket? We subsidize both. E-bike leasing is available on top if you wish.

Room for innovation

We are not only dedicated to our customers, but also to personal projects of the heart, our own further development, trying out new technologies... So you also have the space for things that develop you personally and you enjoy.

Modern tech stack

Within our guilds, we stay current with developments around modern languages and frameworks such as Kotlin, Go, Micronaut and Svelte. We pass this knowledge on to our customers and ensure that they are among the early adopters technologically.

Choose your device

MacBook Pro or ThinkPad, Android or iPhone: You have a free choice of hardware and operating system, including admin rights. We also support you in your home office with height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs and much more.

Clear perspective

Our multilevel career paths show you exactly which skills you need for the next level. You can choose between the Software Engineering and Consulting career path. The examples below show you 4 fictional people at different levels.

48.000€ - 62.000€ p.a.

Junior Consultant Samira

After completing my studies, I started into my first customer project, in which I was assigned tasks according to my learning curve and supported by experienced colleagues.

58.000€ - 72.000€ p.a.

Software Engineer Diego

I have already experienced various customer situations, I actively contribute my ideas and take on initial mentoring tasks. I also regularly expand my toolbox at conferences and training courses.

68.000€ - 93.000€ p.a.

Senior Consultant Vincent

I take on responsibility in my client project and I am the first point of contact for clients and colleagues in certain areas. In addition to the challenging project business, I also give presentations at conferences.

82.000€ - 110.000€ p.a.

Principal Software Engineer Rana

I am an expert in my field and play a key role in making decisions in customer projects. I identify other topics across projects that I can contribute to.


Whether it's a summer party, Christmas party or barbecue on the roof terrace: We also know how to celebrate successes

different nationalities

We live diversity and are proud of all the different cultures that unite us


From Stuttgart to Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Zweibrücken to sunny Granada

We make you feel good

Our certified Feelgood Management has set itself the mission to give our employees the opportunity to contribute their ideas and wishes and to let them participate in the design and development of Novatec. We believe that this will help us to achieve our goal of developing motivated, satisfied and happy employees who live this spirit in their teams and carry it into their customer projects.

Our persons of trust are also your first point of contact for all issues that you may not want to approach your manager or team with. They serve as neutral contact persons if there are topics that are very sensitive, e.g. because they concern you, your private or professional environment.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We want to live up to our social responsibility as a company. Sustainability is one of our core values. As a common good economy balanced company, we are committed to also measuring our success against criteria such as human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice, democratic co-decision-making and transparency.

One example of our social projects is the "SOS@Home" project, in which we worked with a start-up to create a platform for children and young people who need a place to turn to in the event of domestic violence. We are a paperless company, have a recycling process for our hardware, deposit collection garbage cans from Trottwar and use only green electricity.

Our core technologies

Our Novatecies can proudly say: We always work with the latest technologies and like to try things out. Our frontend developers prefer to work with React, Angular or Vue.js. In the backend, we prefer Java as well as Kotlin and like to experiment with frameworks like Quarkus or Micronaut. Our cloud guild loves AWS and Azure and also enjoys playing around with Istio and Dapr. The agile guild of course swears by Scrum, but also likes to use Kanban or "Scrumban" where it makes sense.


Wellbeing@Novatec means satisfied and balanced employees, mindfulness toward oneself and others and physical-psychological and social health.

With voiio, we offer all employees a platform that provides workshops, coaching and counseling for all situations and phases of life. We regularly evaluate the mental well-being of our employees through risk assessments of mental stress and offer mental health training. The Wellbeing Program is rounded off by our weekly yoga classes, the JobBike and our Buddy Program.

Your perfect start

Whether it's an internship, working student position, apprenticeship or permanent position, your journey as a new Novatecie starts with our two-day "Welcome Days". These usually take place on site at our headquarters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. There you will get exciting insights into the different departments as well as all the information you need for a smooth start at Novatec.

And most importantly: joint lunches and get-togethers allow you to network with the other newbies as well as with colleagues who are already employed at Novatec!


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Your way to us

Bureaucratic processes are not our thing. We want to get to know you and not conduct several interviews or tests. That's why we make our application process as simple as possible.

Your application

We receive your application. You will then get an acknowledgement of your application.

Screening of your application

Now it's our turn: We check your application on all aspects relevant to the vacant position. You will receive feedback from us within seven days.

Telephone interview

First, we conduct a telephone interview of about 30 minutes. Together with your responsible Talent Acquisition Manager, you will clarify the first questions and important general conditions.

First job interview

In the first interview, we want to clarify your skills and your previous professional focus in more detail. We will also give you a deeper insight into your future tasks and you will get to know your first potential teammates.

Second job interview

In a second interview, it should be more about you as a person, such as your way of working and character. Of course, you will also learn more about Novatec, our team values and culture.

Welcome to Novatec!

Can both sides imagine working together? Then the only thing left to say is: Welcome to Novatec!

The interview was very informative, friendly and open. The questions I was asked showed a genuine interest in my person and my own questions were answered in detail.

Candidate Feedback


I liked the interview very much, I was interviewed by two potential colleagues, they asked a lot of questions, but were also happy to answer my questions, so that I was able to take part in a very exciting discussion away from a final decision! Keep up the good work! :-)

Candidate Feedback


In one week, from initial contact to the contract. And every appointment with plenty of humor and info. Nice!

Candidate Feedback


An initial interview was followed by a technical interview with a live coding session. Both appointments were very pleasant and I always had the feeling of having a conversation at eye level with everyone involved.

Candidate Feedback


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

What do I have to attach to my application? 

In the first step, your resume is enough for us.

I have questions regarding the application. Who can I contact?

Feel free to contact our Talent Acquisition Team via

When will I receive the first feedback about my application?

You will receive the first feedback from us within 7 days.

Are all of your positions also available on a part-time basis? 

Every position can be staffed on a part-time basis. For some positions, especially in internal service areas, a certain minimum number of hours is required. The best thing to do is to tell us in your application how many hours you would like to work.

Is there a dress code?

No, internally we live by the motto "come as you are". So you can dress how you feel comfortable. For external appointments with customers, it is important for us to present a well-groomed appearance.

How does my salary develop? 

Within our established salary process, an annual salary review takes place for each employee.

Do I need to send a cover letter? 

No, a cover letter is not necessary. If you like, you can still send us one. A resume is sufficient for us.

To whom can I address my application? 

You do not need to address your application to anyone explicitly. It is sufficient if you address it to the Talent Acquisition Team of Novatec.

What happens in the telephone interview and who will I talk to on the phone? 

In the telephone interview, you will speak with your responsible Talent Acquisition Manager. After you have both introduced yourselves, you will clarify initial questions (from both sides) as well as framework parameters of the position.

Does the recruiting process take place remotely or on-site? 

We conduct every recruiting process 100% remotely. The reason for this is that both the candidate and our colleagues are located all over Germany. If you would like to meet on site, we will of course make this possible.

Can I also work abroad for a certain period of time?

Yes, you can! With our workation model, you have the possibility to work abroad in the EU for up to 20 working days twice a year. Due to our location in Granada, even 40 working days per year are possible for this city.

How much do I travel? 

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer for this. Depending on the customer's request and the project circumstance, the travel time varies. Therefore, a certain willingness to travel is necessary for each of our consulting as well as software engineering positions.

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